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a white day - Akiko Ikeuchi & Hideo Nakane on photography

a white day


A white day


By the jasmine lies a stone,
Beneath the stone lies treasure.
On the path stands Father.
It is a white, white day.


The silver poplar’s flowering,
And the centifolia rose,
Beyond — grow curling ramblers,
And tender, milky grass.


Never again have I been
As happy as then.
Never again have I been
As happy as then.


There can be no returning,
Nor has it been given
To tell what perfect joy
Filled that garden heaven.


Arseny Tarkovsky


The Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky’s autobiographical work “The Mirror” (1975) had been titled after his father Arseny Tarkovsky’s poem “A White Day" when in its screenplay stage. White, white day... .


Self-image keeps focusing on its mirror-image and is released simultaneously. It moves continuously in the shallow depth of the mirror glass to ask for the feelings of our "white day" in the memory. These photographs are taken with my iPhone camera or my worn-out film camera, just like tracing the scars with my fingers


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