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White Plan

Als das Kind Kind war,
warf es einen Stock als Lanze gegen den Baum
und sie zittert da heute noch.
-Peter Handke

A film "Wings of Desire" (directed by Wim Wenders) was released in Japan in 1988, which is 20 years ago from now on. The following year, The Berlin Wall which is a symbol of the division between Eastern and Western block collapsed. I just remember what we, not only me as a student at the time but also many people in this country, accepted Wendres’ somehow prophetic film delightfully. Things may change. However, this optimistic future image that we painted vaguely there, would have collapsed, as a result. Now, let me talk about a bit different…, yes, about an angel.


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Cerulean Blue, Cadmium Red Light, Chromium Oxide Green, Raw Sienna, Ultramarine Violet
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