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The Books Project includes producing a CD-ROM, Books, publishing the work through the internet, and its distribution. The project is considered to be the same as an exhibition as it is concerned with the presentation of the works.


This project started from the installation called "Bookshelf" in 1995. The work, arranged in a bookshelf, is a set of books which are piled up in colour, simultaneously, a series of paintings utilized in the format of a book. The forty-page book is formed by layered monochrome brush marks and is bound with all the parts in order, it is painted on large size paper. By turning each page up to the last, we can experience the whole painting. Here, although we can recognize the differences of each fragments from te face of the book, the original image of the whole painting no longer contains the meaning. The reader merely turns pages from the necessity of it being in the format of a book, they will experience time separated from the meaning.


There is a gap between being a book and being an original art work, concerning the way of space sharing. A book is, fundamentally, a copy medium in which can extend to the personal space, however, an original art work is the kind of medium which we can only experience in a prescripted space. Therefore, an original art work requires each individual to participate in the museum or gallery space. So as more people can share this work in their personal space, I replaced it into the electric-media book. When I think of our contemporary communication style, I believe this format is the best to culminate my work, Bookshelf.


What was their intention in fitting this conventional book format on a computer display which should be new media? The answer may indicate what our directivity in the computer age is.


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