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The Vision of Contemporary Art '97



UMEZU Gen / Curator, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama
...repeated/ ambiguous/ parts/ not letting you imagine/ the whole/ .../ images/ from my own/ paintings/ expanded/ .../ repeated/ horizontal/ layering/ brush/ white paint/ colored paper/ .../ details/ photographed/ compact camera/ shifting/ position/ little at a time/ .../16 shots/ pursuing/ overall image/ not forming/ single image/ .../ blown up/ laser copies/ deny/ identity as photographs/ ...repeated/ ambiguous/ parts/ not letting you imagine/ the whole... *

Everyday life is mechanically repeated. It is not only the machines and mass-produced products filling up my life that are mechanically reproduced. My thinking, my actions, and life are also mechanical reproductions. There are no precious moments, no dramatic meetings or partings. All thoughts, all actions are physically equivalent. Thinking they have some sort of positive or negative meaning is nothing but a human sentiment, and any motivations for attaching values to things which gives rise to this sentiment are interchangeable. To think, in spite of this fact, that such an assignment of values can be absolute, is a form of oppression. The devices required to hide this oppression are Utopias. If the field of art is one of the worlds posited as a Utopia, I have no interest in this sort of art.


I am interested in an art which becomes possible through total affirmation of the reality of my life, the everyday life which is mechanically repeated. The form of this art is revealed to me by my total being, not only my rational judgment.


*Author's rearrangement of a text by Nakane Hideo explaining his working methods.

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