Ordinary Time

22nd Oct - 29thOct 1997 @Atsugi City Bunkakaikan Hall, Kanagawa



In our era, the most critical element that the term "copy" contains is the notion that "copy" duplicates itself repeatedly whilst ignoring the entity of the original. The "social system" which duplicates or repeatedly processes itself without making it clear who is going to take the responsibility, and without doubting the entity of the "system" itself is just a gimmick.

I used a copying machine for most part of the works, because I need to eliminate my personal emotions or messages as an artist from my work as much as possible. The work is a consequence of a dialogue between the painting surface and myself, which is completed, in a sense. On the contrary, concerning about a relationship between the viewers and the surface, I do not intend to place myself - my emotion or message - as an extension of the work, but I want viewers themselves to loop back to their own experiences or memories through the painting surface; I would like to provide time and space where they can trace their own memories through the surface.


ordinary time

Painthing, Photogragh or Otherness
larege laser-copy on Fusuma screen

ordinary time

Ordinary Time -Blue 1997
28.5 x 40.8 cm (12 pieces)
OHP Film


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