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Viewing the sequence of lemon flowers and large scale photographs of Yamada-Hama beach in Fukushima from the series of “#KidoStation” added installations of past paintings and recent video works which depict our daily unease.


Lemon 2018-05-0107:22
At last it was finished. Whereupon I stilled my pounding heart long enough to poise the lemon atop the castle parapet. The crowning touch.
−Kajii Motojiro (trans. Alfred Birnbaum)  


installation view


phase 5-9, in a small realm from Hideo Nakane on Vimeo.

phase 5-9, in a small realm,
special edition for Hideo Nakane's Exhibition
Hideo Nakane | Video Work, Yurihito Watanabe | Monody & word

*Yurihito Watanabe's Monody was not included at this installation of the exhibition.

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