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Stay out, stay home

This exhibition planned as Chapter two of #KidoStation that was held at the gallery last Summer. In commemorating ten years since the disaster, I revisited the small station in Fukushima on the JR Joban Line. The exhibition includes ten photographs; two of which taken at Yamada-Hama beach facing the extra-large tide embankment; eight of which are tiny flowers, Oregano 'Kent Beauty' blooming in the midsummer, taken at the balcony of my apartment.

Ah! Storm clouds rushed from the Channel coasts,
You can boast of spoiling the last of our Sundays.
“The Coming Winter” Jules Laforgue 


Friday, 11 March 2011. Immediately after the seismic intensity 6+ massive earthquake that struck eastern Japan, a giant tsunami over 10 metres high swept houses and farmland away along the coast.

That day, there were also violent tremors in the Kanto area. Trains stopped running then many commuters had to walk home along the main road from their workplaces in the city centre. The images of the earthquake and tsunami that hit the Tohoku area were repeatedly on TV news. At 3.36 pm on the following day, Saturday 12th, the No.1 reactor of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was damaged severely by a hydrogen explosion.

In the Maehara Yamadahama area, about 18km south of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the evacuation was ordered before all the tsunami's damages to clean up: access to the area was then strictly restricted.


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