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in a small realm - Hideo Nakane | Yurihito Watanabe

Hideo Nakane | Video Work, Yurihito Watanabe | Monody & word
©︎ 2021 Hideo Nakane & Yurihito Watanabe
Vocal tracks Recording, Engineering & Cooperation @ Airplane Studio Hirohisa Yokoyama, Airplane Label http://www.airplanelabel.com
In the morning...
A young pair of long-tailed tit will be here
Only the warmth of the flight will be carried
Someday, it will come to your lips
To tell the sweet chirps
And offer a hidden scarlet sacrifice

"In a small realm" was first performed and released at a live event of the Hideo Nakane Film Screening (Saitama Civic Hall Urawa) in March 2020, with words and vocal improvisation by Yurihito Watanabe. It held with a limited number of seats due to the first state of emergency declared by the national government because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This October 2021, for the first time in a year and a half, the vocal track was re-recorded, released on Vimeo. This video edited by Nakane over 700 shots of everyday life photography (small flowers growing on a balcony or people demonstrating) connected with video shots in the small seaside village of Naraha-machi, Fukushima. Watanabe depicted three dissociated spaces out, spun words and added Monody to complete the 25-minute video work, which consists of 10 phases of the story. It is a small song of prayer that captures the contours of these vanishing surfaces; a whisper of flowers, people's resentment, the nuclear accident and the disaster.

December 2021  



Phase 3 from "in a small realm"
©︎ 2021 Hideo Nakane & Yurihito Watanabe

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