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“Try to remember (2016)" video poetry created by Hideo NAKANE (video), Taeko TAKEDA (words), and Taiichi KAMIMURA (music/saxophone). Out of the artwork where the words and scenes overlap with each other, trying to flow into the sea of memories, we will exhibit clipped still fragments of sequences as photographs. Also displayed are some sketches showing the process of the artist’s gaze at the poetic world.

This is another view of “Try to remember” that had been presented twice in the past.

Kaori Sato / Gallery Nayuta


try to remember
try to remember / 2016
Taeko Takeda (words), Taiichi Kamimura (saxophone), Hideo Nakane (video)


try to remember
try to remember / 2016 (2019)
photogtagh from the video
62 x 113 mm (each)


Drawing / 2016 (2019)
Giclee Print
209 x 296 mm


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