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try to remember

As long as you keep your eyes closed,
The wind that crosses the clear sky,
Wrapped in the same tenderness.
We are standing by
Forever in the autumn of that day.


try to remember / Taeko Takeda


"Try to remember" is a video project by Taeko Takeda (words), Taiichi Kamimura (saxophone) and Hideo Nakane (video).​ Takeda selected 20 poems from her collections of poetries, and then, sorted them into 5 units whose scenes are going around the seasons of the year.


A poem connects to another poem through a specific time. The time in those poems brings their own memories, which go beyond the framework of one poem, and it can visit both past and future freely. Memories of the author are connected into someone’s memory, and again, are connected to another one’s memory differently. In that way, memories gradually expand our space and fill it while changing its position little by little.


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Try to remeber - prologue


Only this prologue is shown with subtitles. Early morning in winter at the sea, just before sunrise.

prologue: Taeko Takeda (words), Taiichi Kamimura (saxophone), Hideo Nakane (video)


Unit 1

In the exhibition at Urawa in March 2016, I released Unit 1 by Takeda (poetry) / Nakane (video), the experimental version without a voice. Now, this version is newly re-edited with Kamimura's sound. Several motifs covered here in this Unit will lead to future sections.

1-1. Theory of Prints (3) Landscape
1-2. A thousand Autumn in a day
1-3. Forest on the Palm (Ⅱ) A chair in the Forest
1-4. Lost lovers in advance


Taeko Takeda / "Honey Moon" (1-1, 1-3 and 1-4), "Dissemination" (1-2)


Unit 2


Unit 2 contains scenes of the development of the story, and this is a chapter that story flows rapidly with increasing speed. I do not comprehend every detail of Takeda's poetry - that must be impossible obviously. But leaving uninterpreted parts uninterpretably is in a sense, freedom for viewers' interpretation remains behind and I can imagine that the memories of the viewers may compensate for missing. Or may the poetry start talking again when an uninterpreted part is connected to another unit.

"Viewing through a piece of blue frosted glass."


2-1. April fish
2-2. Inferiority No. 5 - for a cat
2-3. Assumption for Kiss
2-4. Midnight Zoo
2-5. Box


Taeko Takeda / "Dissemination"
Taeko Takeda (words), Taiichi Kamimura (saxophone), Hideo Nakane (video)


Unit 3


As there is a passage on Unit 3, "an art museum just after the exhibition ended looks alike the sea in September", I took a video at the museum near the sea in Kamakura. The museum closed in March this year, and this brings back memories. In the video, the building appears at the end of "Prologue" and 3-3.3-5.


Seagulls are lovely creatures that I do not get tired of watching.

Seagulls are lovely creatures that I do not get tired of watching. Cinderella whose spell was not to be lifted, as no matter how many times she dies and reborn, is laughed by seagulls.


3-1. Come to the sea
3-2. Seagull
3-3. Dream Sea '72
3-4. Dreams of the Sea '85
3-5. Ears of Wheat


Taeko Takeda / "Ears of Wheat"


Unit 4


In the "try to remember", terms such as "the sea" or "birds" connecting between five whole units are important. In Unit 3, "seagulls" shows independent existence as a part of poetry. In other sections, directly or indirectly, the camera superimposed on its inner face, and captured the image of "birds". In Unit 4, the story develops about "red-crowned cranes".


Unit 4 is woven on the theme of "Winter", like "Winter Wheat" which is Takeda's invention, whose image derived from the Japanese words "Autumn Wheat" or early Summer, conceptual Winter image depicts about Van Gogh's July - when he shot himself, is also included. The model trees used in Unit 1 reappears.

I am burning my frozen ears and collecting the ashes of words which have not reached to.


4-1. Forest on the Palm (Ⅲ) Snow is dancing
4-2. Door covered by snow
4-3. Winter Wheat


Taeko Takeda / "Winter Wheat"
Taeko Takeda (words), Taiichi Kamimura (saxophone), Hideo Nakane (video)


Unit 5


The final chapter of the "try to remember". This consists of highly abstracted poetries, but it should be read again and should be realized in each of our present, daily life. In this project, I videoed scenes of various "seas", but the sea in Fukushima is still unforgettable, and you must have unforgettable images of "seas" or "cities" as well.

"When a day mingled with lints and sank in crimson, the dream will return to the place of Dream, the sorrow will return to the place of Sorrow"

 and then, "try to remember"

5-1. Two ears
5-2. Togetherness (Persian silk tree)
5-3. Stealing Day (Ⅷ) Bye Bye Black Bird
5-4. Dissemination


Taeko Takeda / "Honey Moon"(5-1, 5-3) "Ears of Wheat"(5-2), "Dissemination" (5-4)

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