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Hideo Nakane @Aoyama Cyaho (Aoyama tea store) in Urawa

  1. In a society embracing various realities, how could we face our past and future, and then, make our post-cogitative contact with that society? How could we acquire an aesthetic life made by our own hands, establish a world in which to share its pleasure with others, one that would enable us to survive that world?
  2. Water dripping through the surface onto paper or glass traces the edge where we see a scar of time and memory.


2016 at 150 years old tea shop


small flowers
Photo Frame 2011
glass (sandblasting), aluminum
110 x 148 x 100 mm

Small flowers 2015 -2016 ▷

100 x 150 mm


Referance Videos

Triptych from Hideo Nakane on Vimeo.


study (Spiegei im Spiegel) from Hideo Nakane on Vimeo.


"try to remember" Unit 1 / Live on 21 March 2016

"try to remember" unit 1 from Hideo Nakane on Vimeo.

words: Taeko Takeda, improvisation: Taiich Kamimura, video: Hideo Nakane
Video 08.50 (experimental live performance)

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