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Aesthetic Life - Automatic

aesthetic life automatic


The healthier collage fine-tunes the automaticc and butters up the comatose surrealists./.../ a gigantic fracas ensures, robbing yobbish attitudes of their bubbly implication while visual utilities dismiss truth.
Peter Stickland "Automatic"


Everything starts with this single book.



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This project has been planned by Hideo Nakane and Seiji Hirata who studied at art college in London in the mid 90’s. In 2009, Nakane and Hirata started an exhibition planning unit called Aesthetic Life in order to evoke a sense of “aesthetic” in our real lives. In 2015, the second major group show “Aesthetic Life -Automatic” was curated, based on a Poetry/ Drawing book created by two British artists, Amikam Toren and Peter Stickland.


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