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in ten yeas

From: hideonakane
Date: 5 June 2006 10:43:13:JST
To: anonymous
Subject: Re: "in ten years"

It’s relatively difficult for us to decide to accomplish something in 10 years or to look future of 10 years within a personal time span. It may be easier to extend this range to the millennium like Italian novelist Italo Calvino. So, let's start walking only to see "sometime” in future.


"Sometime” is not like today’s evening, or not like 10:00 am after one week but a slightly wider range that includes a bit further, ambiguous future. You can not walk straight if only gazeing at footsteps. Raise your face slightly more, put the line of sight a little forward .... And survive now. People may call this as a “hope”.


For the next 10 years.


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