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After he finished this drawing quickly with an unwavering, confident lines, he said to me "There are vents in the roof."
Our Artist's Portfolio Corel, 1999 A House with Air Vents Ishida, T.

What we feel lyrically with words like child scene is only an illusion; this is, because, by embracing these words within the system works as a device of creating a virtual image. For example, the term outsider in art - which suggests a special ability - is a stance taken by people to exclude others by establishing some kind of line of division. They never doubt that their own position is inside this border.


"A House with Air Vents" is quoted from a book of artwork by autistic children. The chimney on the heavy roof functions as an "air vent". The vents pierce the sharply drawn line, so that it will equalize the presser on each side of the border. Consequently, we are not squashed from the weight of the roof when staying inside, or not being frustrated from feeling a sense of the alienation when standing outside, this helps to ventilate the environment. This is in contrast to our bankrupt social systems. Now, what we should do before planning a framework of a new system, is to provide adequate venting to the existing system. It is high time to reconsider the system-making that is just to reassure those who already stand in the safe position. It should be simple if every one of us, start to think about these issues.


Camera Lucida
Kinderszenen / 2000
acrylic on paper

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