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The 3rd "Jyugemu" Exhibition



The term Child can be seen as a concept that the "social system" has developed since the beginning of the Modern age. What separates children from the realities of adults and squashes them into an abstract concept, is the system of education. The Child is merely a beautifully frilled illusion, which exists in a system created by adults, and a deceit which is packed into the word Childlike by adults.


When they reach the age to see adult's world obscurely, the feeling of “that” is derived from a first notice that they are only residents living in a virtual world, created by adults themselves. Either hurting others or hurting themselves, is an act of regaining the physical sensation or sense of “I am nothing other than myself” by shattering their virtual image.

  1. "Jyugemu" is an exhibition on the theme of "reproduction" planned by ART BY XEROX.
  2. In our era, the most critical element that the term "copy" contains is the notion that "copy" duplicates itself repeatedly whilst ignoring the entity of the original. The "social system" which duplicates or repeatedly processes itself without making it clear who is going to take the responsibility, and without doubting the entity of the "system" itself is just a gimmick.

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