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ephemeral / eternal

ephemeral / eternal 01 from Hideo Nakane .


May we think about it:

When I am having breakfast here now, what are you supposed to do? Suppose I am to go to the gallery where my works hanged today, I may see you there or may not. No-no, as you don’t know me, you won’t come to my exhibition. However, we may pass through the same ticket gate of Shinjuku Station without recognizing each other or we may even have a possibility to encounter somewhere, someday in the future. Not only the relation between you and me described here, but also a similar process crosses (or doesn’t cross) multilayered, and then, each one may finish their own lives under those processes.

The process does not only occur between a person to a person, it may exist in a vapor trail you look up or on a page of your favorite picture book. It could be seen in a pocket watch’s second hand on your palm or in a piece of blue petal enclosed between glass plates. Small words are released in a small process opened on the space, and the words slightly touch your fingertips.


ephemeral eternal

Firmiana simplex (Chinese parasol tree): In China it is regarded as the tree where the phoenix lives. Materials use for joinery, furniture, musical instruments and so on. During the Pacific War, seeds were rosted to made it a substitute for coffee. - On the impossibility of standing close to other people's sorrow, 22 Aug – 19 Sep 2018

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