Try to remember

17 - 22 October 2016 @GALERIE SOL, Tokyo

" Try to remmber " is a video project byTaeko Takeda (words), Taiichi Kamimura (saxophone) and Hideo Nakane (video) . Takeda selected 20 poems from her collecttions of poetories, and then, sorted them into 5 units whose sceans are going around the seasons of the year.

A poem connects to another poem through their specific time. The time in those poems brings their own memories, which go beyond the framework of one poem, and it can visit both past and future freely. Memory of the author is connected into someone’s memory, and again, is connected to another one’s memory. In that way, memory gradually expands our space and fills it while changing its position little by little.

Try to remeber - prologue

Taeko Takeda (words), Taiichi Kamimura (saxophone), Hideo Nakane (video)


Unit 1

1-1. Landscape - on printmaking no.3
1-4. Losted Lovers
1-2. A thousand of Autumn


Unit 2

Taeko Takeda (words), Taiichi Kamimura (saxophone), Hideo Nakane (video)

2-1. April fishes


Unit 3

3-3. The sea in the dream '72
3-2. Seagull

Unit 4

Taeko Takeda (words), Taiichi Kamimura (saxophone), Hideo Nakane (video)

4-2. Door in the snow


Unit 5

5-2. Persian silk tree
5-3. Bye bye black bired


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