Hideo Nakane

born in 1966 at Chiba, Japan
works and live in Kanagawa, Japan

1988-92 Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music
1993 Scholarship from the British Council
1993 - 95 The Slade School of Fine Art

After came back to Japan in 1996, held a first one-person's show at Atsugi City Bunkakaikan Hall, Kanagawa, selected for The Vision of Contemporary Art '97 at the Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, participated several exhibitions in London as a member of the London Group from1996 to 2010. Exhibited works at Galerie SOL continuously since 2004.

Engaged in several characteristics projects such as; co-curated exhibition with Seiji Hirata "Aesthetic Life - Automatic" at Toki Art Space in 2015, photo show with Akiko Ikeuch "a white day" at Café & GalerÍa PARADA in 2104, DVD project with Taiich Kamimura (sax, improvisation) "Mellow Yellow Project" in 2013, etc.



 1997 Ordinary Time / Atsugi City Bunkakaikan Hall, Kanagawa
 2000 KINDRSZENEN / Atsugi City Bunkakaikan Hall, Kanagawa
 2004 "Kinderszenen" and Otherness / Galerie SOL, Tokyo
 2006 in ten years / Galerie SOL, Tokyo
 2008 White Plan / Galerie SOL, Tokyo
 2010 Camera Lucida / Galerie SOL, Tokyo
 2012 im Spiegel/ Galerie SOL, Tokyo
 2012 Video Works/ Art Place K, Saitama
 2014 a tale of a beautiful country / Galerie SOL, Tokyo
 2016 Hideo Nakane @ Aoyama Cyaho (Aoyama tea store) Aoyama Cyaho, Saitama, Japan
 2016 Try to remember / Galerie SOL, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions

 1997 The Vision of Contemporary Art '97/ The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
 2001 The London Group 2001 / Woodlands Art Gallery, London
 2002 The London Group 2002 / Trinity Theatre & Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells
 2005 The London Group at Bankside Gallery / Bankside Gallery, London
 2010 Aesthetic Life - Hideo Nakane ane Seiji Hirata / Toki art space, Tokyo
 2011 Art Place K Vol.3/ Art Place K, Saitama
 2013 Drawing from the Process Vol.2/ Art Place K, Saitama
 2014 a white day - Akiko Ikeuchi & Hideo Nakane on photography/ Café & GalerÍa PARADA, Tokyo
 2015 Aesthetic Life - Automatic (Hideo Nakane ane Seiji Hirata cocurated) / Toki art space, Toko


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